The RhythmJuice Story

Hi, my name is Dax Hock. I am the CEO and Founder of RhythmJuice, LLC. I often get asked how how I thought of RhythmJuice. So for those of you interested, I would like to share with you my story. 

Oddly enough, the idea for RhythmJuice was born from frustration. A serious frustration that grew more and more apparent after two years of teaching internationally. I started to feel the wight of not being able to progress with my students. A disconnect, that I didn't experience as a local teacher, when I could work with a single group for months at a time and really feel connected to their progression. 

Most teachers dream to tour on the international circuit, as did I, but with this dream comes a huge draw back: an inconsistent learning experience. This made long term progress extremely difficult. This pain was often expressed by my students who were eager to move forward but were unable to do so due to lack of consistent exposure to my instruction.

A few years prior, when I was working in Japan at Universal Studios, I had a similar frustration. The choice was school or dance, so I made right decision and took a leave of absence from college to go work in a country where I couldn't easily finish my studies. That was until they launched the first online college that allowed students to complete select degrees completely remote, and online. I jumped on this opportunity immediately and continued my studies at an American University while living over seas. The concept was new, brilliant, and totally convenient. 

Here is the shocking part though, I was learning faster, more efficiently and retaining more information than at my old brick and mortar University. I made more friends, spent more time working one on one with my teacher and had more fun. Why this was happening is a whole other topic, but to make a long story short, the power of an online base learning system became apparent. 

Having had this previous experience, in addition to a current need to connect with students in remote locations, I started to wonder if we could do it with dance? DVD's were already very popular and the concept of teaching via video was nothing new. I just wasn't interested. It was like putting a book on tape, or even video. It is slightly more engaging, easier to understand, but in the end it's the same thing, a one way learning experience. I was searching for something more, something interactive, something with accountability, schedule, feedback, community, peer interaction, and all the juicy stuff that made my online college experience so engaging and effective. 

Then the idea for RhythmJuice was born. It wasn't called RhythmJuice then, and it sure wasn't as straightforward of a program as we've got going on now, but it was something new. Moreover, it was something I believed in and was willing to bet the farm to make it work! 

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