Benefits of Learning via RhythmJuice

  1. Get the Essential Elements of Learning: Great Instruction, Lots of Time, Plenty of Feedback. These are the three elements necessary for a complete learning experience and this is exactly what we focus on providing via RhythmJuice.
  2. See Yourself: This is probably one of the most powerful parts of our learning experience. You see yourself on video every week, maybe even more. Very few are motivated to film on your own, but when you are doing a RhythmJuice course, filming is just part of the process.
  3. Personal Feedback: Everything you learn is being evaluated by professionals so you are constantly kept on the right track. You don’t need to fear development of bad habits because you are being corrected on a weekly basis.
  4. Accountability: Our challenge-based learning system keeps you accountable. Everyone has to do the challenges to get through a course. This means that once you sign up, there is 100% commitment to the action of doing a course instead of just watching the videos.
  5. World Class Instruction: RhythmJuice teachers are always world class dancers who have a special knack for teaching and a strong desire to really help their students via personal feedback.
  6. Learn Anytime & Anywhere: RhythmJuice lessons are all done online so you are able to connect with our internationally acclaimed teachers on a regular basis wherever and whenever you like.
  7. Results: Our challenge-based learning system is proven to produce incredible results with all students who complete our programs.
  8. Motivation: RhythmJuice is a community learning environment where both peer motivation and motivation from the teachers have a positive influence on your work ethic.
  9. Cost Effective: RhythmJuice allows students to get personal feedback from world-class teachers at variable levels to match everyone's budget and needs.
  10. Amazing Community: RhythmJuice students are connecting to people worldwide on a daily basis that share a similar desire to improve their dancing. Amazing friendships and bonds are formed through personal accomplishment, positive competition, and peer support.
  11. Health & Fitness: RhythmJuice practice sessions are full of sweat and full body engagement that make for a great workout.
  12. Results that Stick: When you learn on RhythmJuice, you have constant guidance, but you do all the work. That means the results stick, and you are learning how to take care of your own improvement.
  13. Structured Learning: Everything you learn is contained within a structured course that was built with lots of consideration for the order of what is taught and when. In addition, material is unlocked based on completion of previous material so you can’t even get lost if you try. There is only one task on hand at a given time and doing that task well is your only focus. 
  14. Exposure: Doing well on RhythmJuice courses creates great exposure amongst peers who are working hard on the same challenges. Sharing your challenge videos and showing your work creates enormous peer respect amongst fellow students.

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