About Our Service

RhythmJuice is an interactive learning environment that provides personal feedback, coaching, and structured learning to improve your swing dancing.

RhythmJuice is proven to get serious results. How? We provide the four key elements required to make serious improvement:

1. Instruction: what to do and how to do it.

2. Time & Practice: the hours of physical work needed to make a change and absorb the material. 

3. Feedback: how to do it better, and make corrections to avoid building bad habits. 

4. Accountability: be held accountable for doing challenges, improving and actually getting the material into your dancing.

There is no other learning system that combines these four elements into a streamlined system with built in motivation and accountability. As a RhythmJuice student, you learn to train. You get away from your computer. You are motivated to work hard. You discover your strengths and weaknesses. You connect with a family of dancers dedicated like yourself. You work with teachers who seriously care about your dancing. You get the results you're looking for through sweat and focus. It's also known to be “lots of fun” despite all the hard work we make you do!

The progress you make for yourself lasts forever and our students usually see exponential growth instead of the infamous “wall” many dancers hit after they realize they haven’t improved for months or even years. 

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